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The history of Landolt & Cie SA, the oldest bank in French-speaking Switzerland, spans more than two centuries of exclusive private wealth management for Swiss and international clients.


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Trust and integrity

Over the centuries, we have adapted to change by adjusting our management processes. This approach has enabled us to constantly keep pace with developments on the financial markets for our clients. As a family-run enterprise, we promote the core values required to conduct wealth management – personal commitment, respect for a code of ethics, the ability to listen and mutual trust – all applied in a world of enduring values.


Our services encompass more than just private wealth management: institutional asset management, asset management, formation and administration of investment funds, distribution of investment funds – a wide range of expertise that is provided to you either directly by us or through our outstanding network.


Since 1780, Landolt & Cie SA has been providing its exclusive know-how to a limited circle of Swiss and international clients, built around one of Switzerland’s longest track records in wealth management.

The firm’s founder, Samuel Hollard, was the mayor of Lausanne, always ready to help his fellow citizens and clients by listening and offering his expertise. Under his leadership, Landolt & Cie SA became a major player in the life of the town and established strong roots.


Over the years, highly skilled partners followed in his footsteps, contributing in their turn to Landolt & Cie’s SA history as bankers, first in Lausanne, then in Geneva and Valais. Landolt & Cie SA finally transformed itself into a limited company under Swiss law as part of its commitment to constantly adapt to an environment that is continually evolving.


The bank thus perpetuates, generation after generation, the core values of a firm proud of its long tradition of excellence, committed to offering you the highest standard of service and security.


Three brothers, Marc-Edouard, Pierre and François Landolt, dedicated themselves to maintaining Landolt & Cie’s SA independence and integrity, and to ensuring that it was a bank that responded to contemporary needs – a sound balance between tradition and modernity.


Marc-Edouard ran Landolt & Cie SA for many years, putting his knowledge and strong sense of responsibility at the disposal of clients and friends. Today, it is his brother, Pierre Landolt, who is at the helm in his role as Chairman of the Board, keeping Landolt & Cie SA on its long-term course. Pierre Landolt maintains family connections with the Sandoz Family Foundation, which was created fifty years ago by his grandfather to pass down the renowned Swiss pharmaceutical group’s financial estate to future generations.


A family tradition thus lives on, perpetuating the principles of personal commitment, respect for a code of ethics, the ability to listen and mutual trust.


The shareholders of Landolt & Cie SA combine experience in a wide range of disciplines, giving them a particularly comprehensive view of world affairs. With this advantage, our position as an asset manager benefits significantly from a global approach to wealth management.

Two established Swiss families are committed to the bank. The Landolt family - represented by M. Pierre Landolt, Chairman of the Board - and the Lombard family decided in 2015 to combine their efforts in developing a bank specialised in the wealth management of Swiss and international clients.


These partners bring together complementary professional strengths, whether in the field of business administration, financial market analysis, pure finance or private banking. Each of them contributes solid expertise and an exceptional network of contacts to Landolt & Cie SA.


Backed by highly skilled, reliable staff, the partners are the guardians of the values that we have upheld for more than two centuries. Working in an atmosphere of serenity and mutual respect, they concentrate on the banker’s core mission of wealth management within the framework of a relationship built on trust to endure.


True to the great tradition of Swiss bankers since 1780, Landolt & Cie SA is dedicated to offering its expertise in wealth management to Swiss and international private banking clients – in complete confidence.

The bank is distinguished by its ability to listen and its total discretion. It strives to constantly adapt its highly personalised services to your expectations and needs, enabling you to profit more fully from opportunities on the financial markets.


Acting in strict compliance with the rules laid down by the Swiss banking system and armed with the bank’s advanced technology, our portfolio managers define a precise investment strategy that will be adapted as market conditions require. The solutions proposed thus ensure an optimal balance of risk and return in line with the strategy agreed with you.


The close, enduring relations that we form with our clients enable us to tailor our services to you if you wish to participate more actively in the management of your portfolio. We will then place at your disposal all the human and technical resources needed to obtain the best possible performance in the light of your personal goals.


Landolt & Cie SA is present only in Switzerland.


As early as 1780, Landolt & Cie SA, the oldest banker in French-speaking Switzerland, set about creating a world of enduring values, expressed through its philosophy and way of managing its clients’ wealth.

Thinking and acting differently, on a basis of mutual respect – generating returns for our clients through a deep understanding of their aspirations: in a relationship built on trust and absolute discretion, we analyse our clients’ needs. Listening, advising, planning and foresight are the essentials that we bring to our mission.


From our earliest days, we have devoted ourselves exclusively to managing private wealth. And so it will continue. That is our strength and our difference.


This enables us to offer our clients the most appropriate wealth management solutions in a totally transparent approach.


This open architecture together with our open, flexible approach allows our portfolio managers to provide highly personalised service adapted to the needs and objectives of our private banking clients. Their independent analysis of the different financial market products means they can offer you completely objective advice.