Landolt & Cie SA and EPFL

Landolt & Cie SA is the 1st private partner which recognized the importance of the Swiss Living Challenge project and its value, especially regarding the education of future leaders in sustainable architecture and engineering.


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Landolt & Cie SA and EPFL

Convergence of values between EPFL and Landolt & Cie SA, Swiss private Bank: to contribute to build a sustainable world for the future generations.

On one hand, EPFL is educating future leaders, as well as developing cross disciplinary research, both for facing sustainability challenges. On the other hand, Landolt & Cie SA, rich of a tradition of more than two centuries as Swiss bankers, is independent, established exclusively in Switzerland, and is promoting high ethical standards and awareness of transmitting patrimony to the future generations.

Pierre Landolt, President of Landolt & Cie SA, whose personal commitment of over thirty years to sustainable development is widely acknowledged, was the initiator of this new public-private partnership. Thus, through its activities at EPFL, Landolt & Cie LTD pursues its mission of conveying to future generations an essential part of our heritage - Planet Earth.

Solar Decathlon

Solar Decathlon is a prestigious international competition that challenges university teams from around the world to build and operate a solar-powered house. EPFL has decided to join in on the adventure for the 2017 edition with the support of Landolt & Cie SA as founding sponsor.

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Solar Decathlon is an international university competition that was first initiated in 2002 by the US State Department of Energy (DOE). Students are challenged to design and operate a full-scale, innovative and sustainable accommodation that uses sunlight as its sole energy source. As the name Solar Decathlon indicates, projects are evaluated according to ten criteria in the fields of urban planning, architecture, de engineering, energy, communication and social awareness. Ever since 2010, Solar Decathlon competitions have also been organized every other year in Europe, alternating with the American edition. The objective of the competition is to promote research and education in the fields of sustainable architecture and solar energy.


EPFL has decided to join in on the adventure for the 2017 edition and has integrated a multidisciplinary set of courses into its educational curriculum. Bachelors and Masters students from across campus are invited to participate in the project that touches on a wide range of fields, from urban issues, architectural expression, and mobility to questions pertaining to communication, innovation, solar technologies, construction methods and materials, lifecycle analysis, the management of resources and waste, home automation systems, comfort and wellbeing, and design.


The project is carried out within smart living lab experimental activities in collaboration with other Swiss Hautes Ecoles, including the Haute Ecole d’Ingénieurs et Architectes de Fribourg (HEIA-FR) and the Haute École d'art et de design Genève (HEAD) in Geneva. Professional and industrial partners will bring their expertise and technical support to build a full scale solar prototype in smart living lab installations in Fribourg.


The consortium proposal for Solar Decathlon is called SWISS LIVING CHALLENGE FOR SOLAR DECATHLON. It will constitute one of the first full-scale experimentations of smart living lab in Fribourg.